Curriculum Vitae

Yaron ZivName: Yaron Ziv

Marital status: married + 3

Age: 51


Burlington College B.A 1997-1999 Psychology

Newport University -M.A 1987-1989 Psychology

Newport University - Psy.D 1989-1991 Psychology

Yeshiva University M.S.W. 2001-2004 Social-Work

Polytechnic University M.Sc 2005-2006 Organizational Behavior

Constantine The Philosopher University Ph.D 2007 Psychology

Professional Certifications

Albert Ellis Institute- Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy Primary certificate no 3030,6426

Albert Ellis Institute-Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Advanced Certificate no 1589

Albert Ellis Institute-Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Fellowship Certificate no 086 Associate

Albert Ellis Institute- Rational Emotive Behavior therapy Supervisor Certificate No 0418

Gestalt Institute of Cleveland - Certified Gestalt Therapist with concentration on couples and families-1990

Tel-Aviv University School of Social Work Certified Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist-1989- 1991

Membership in professional organizations

Israeli Social Work Association Registration No 19809

Israeli Association for family and marital therapy Membership No 1735

The Israeli Association for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

The Israeli Association of Gestalt Therapy

American Counseling Association

National Council of Social Work

American Specialist in Group Work

Work experience

Wingate College Therapeutic Sport- Lecturer

Beit-Berl Teachers College 1988-2003 Teacher, lecturer, group facilitator, head of the Group Facilitator three years Program, Founder of the center for personal and professional empowerment.

Maagalim Institute for Counseling and Psychotherapy 1985-2004

Lecturer in the Group Facilitator Program: Introduction to counseling, Group work. Facilitating Self-Awareness groups in Gestalt methods. Work in the clinic with individuals, couples and families.

The Open University 1998-2005
Dreams- The window to the soul
The Psychology of Change
The meaning of introspection

Tel-Aviv University The School of Social Work 1998-2003
The Training Program for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Guest lecturer: Using Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy with children. Applying Behavior Modification Methods working with violent children in families and school setting.

Maof - The Israeli Center for Gestalt Therapy 1992- Founder of the Center, In the Center I lead self-awareness groups through Gestalt methods and conduct training in Gestalt methods for professionals in The Human Behavior field.

B.B.Y.O Headquarters Washington D.C. 1985-1988 Supervising different branches, organizing leadership training courses, writing programs on the value of voluntarism, leadership and group work.

B.B.Y.O (Israel) 1977-1980 National Program Director of the organization Attendance in national and international conferences

The Israeli Association for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Tel-Aviv, 2003 presenting the topic: The use of CBT among violent children to gain better control of behavior.

National Conference of Educational Counselors - Tel-Aviv 2003 Presenting the topic: How to use teachers’ authority smartly.

The Israeli Union of Teachers - National Conference, Tel-Aviv 2003 presenting the topic: The Future of Education in Schools.

The Israeli Association for Group Therapy
National Conference Tel-Aviv 2003, presenting the topic: The uses of Group work in educational setting.

The Israeli Union of Nurses - National Conference Tel-Aviv 2002, presenting the topic: Use of Emotional Intelligence in Case Management - difficulties and challenges.

The Greek Union of Teachers - National Conference Athens 2001 Presenting the topic: Use of Teachers Authority smartly.

The German Association of Social Workers - National Conference Munich 2001, presenting the topic: The use of support group among children with Leukemia - a challenge for the social worker.

The Israeli Medical Association - National Conference Jerusalem 2000 Presenting the topic: Stress and Burnout prevention among Physicians working in Hospital setting difficulties and challenges for the Human Personnel Services.

Books and Publications

Ziv Y. Bondaries without fear-handbook for teachers and parents how to use authority in a smart and intelligent way . In process.

Ziv Y. Baharav Y. The Group Journey-Manual for Group Facilitators, 2000. Tel-Aviv, Gal Inc.2002

Ziv Y. Stress management and burnout prevention Sochen Habituah 2(3) 15-17 1999

Ziv Y. Effective feedback and criticism Hamifaal 1985 (3) 21-23 Ziv Y. The value of voluntarism B.B.Y.O press, 1986


Contact information

Dr Yaron Ziv

Mailing Adress:
8 Pinchas Rozen st.
Herzeliah 46590

tel. +972-9-9588818

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